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Health Quality Measures New Zealand is a sector-wide library of measures used within the New Zealand Health System. It is a single collection point for all measures and their definitions. It provides a platform to allow the collaboration on those measures. The goals of HQMNZ are to provide a place to enable the alignment of measure across various parts of the health sector. It promotes the transparency of measures used for benchmarking that is backed by references to scientific evidence. Measures are grouped into Stacks.

The site is run by Patients First and has been supported by both the Health Quality Safety Commssion (HQSC) and Ministry of Health (MoH). We work with stakeholders and partners to harvest and share measures that are relevant at both the organisational and individual (Continuing Professional Development) level. Opportunities exist for organisations to support or prioritise particular measures through a process of endorsement.

To contact Patients First please use the contact form on our website www.patientsfirst.org.nz/about/contact-us.