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Health Quality Measures NZ

Health Quality Measures New Zealand is a sector-wide library of measures used within the New Zealand Health System. It is a single collection point for all measures and their definitions. It provides a platform to allow the collaboration on those measures. The goals of HQMNZ are to provide a place to enable the alignment of measure across various parts of the health sector. It promotes the transparency of measures used for benchmarking that is backed by references to scientific evidence. Measures are grouped into Stacks.


The site is run by Patients First and has been supported by both the Health Quality Safety Commssion (HQSC) and Ministry of Health (MoH). We work with stakeholders and partners to harvest and share measures that are relevant at both the organisational and individual (Continuing Professional Development) level. Opportunities exist for organisations to support or prioritise particular measures through a process of endorsement.

To locate measures, either use the search box above, or browse measures through their Stacks listed below.

System Level Measures

The System Level Measures (SLM) is currently being published to HQMNZ. It is the body of work that has evolved from the Integrated Performance and Incentive Framework (IPIF). There are two types of measures associated with SLM; System Level Measures which are high level and provide an overall indicator to the health system measurement and Contributory measures. Contributory measures are associated with a System Level Measure and are listed under each appropriately.

Feedback on System Level Measures

Request your own account to comment on existing measures to provide feedback and create your own measures on the HQMNZ. Simply follow the instructions to request your own account, log in and either comment on existing measures, or add your own contributory measures.

Create new Contributory Measures here.