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DSRGMR Assessment of Screening Process

Basic Facts

Stage of development


Potential or current usage

Brief overview of the measure

General description=

Rationale for selection

Domain(s) of quality

Application and interpretation of the measure

Stated intent of the measure

To determine the proportion of patients whose images (in either eye) could not be reported because the image was not of acceptable quality or there were other clinical issues, such as cataracts or glaucoma.

Caveats - Considerations

Level of health care delivery/setting

Target population

Stratification by vulnerable populations

Associated incentives

Calculation of the measure

Output of calculation

Numerator description

The number of people where a clinical assessment is required.

Denominator description

The number of people screened in the programme.

Time period

Criteria/standard for optimal performance

Data source

Method of extraction

Appraisal of the measure

Development approach

Other items

A clinical assessment is seen as an important step in obtaining the best possible retinal assessment.

Owner details

Reference number

Date of entry to library

Owner (Organisation name)

Creator (Organisation name)

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