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Four year old children who have received a B4 School Check

HQMNZ ID: HQM16.6.29.941


All children and their families and whānau achieve their health and wellbeing potential.


Four year old children who have received a B4 School Check


Contributory measure

Relationship(s) to other frameworks

This measure is drawn from the Well Child Tamariki Ora (WCTO) Quality Improvement Framework (Quality Indicator 21): Ministry of Health. 2015. Indicators for the Well Child/Tamariki Ora Quality Improvement Framework – March 2015. Wellington: Ministry of Health Framework available at: www.health.govt.nz


The purpose of the B4 School Check is to promote health and wellbeing in four year olds, and to identify any health, developmental or behavioural problems that may have a negative impact on the child’s ability to learn and take part at school. This measure particularly monitors and promotes quality improvement across Well Child/Tamariki Ora (WCTO) providers.

Eligible population

Children aged four years.

Measure status



Number of completed B4 School Checks.


Number of children eligible for a B4 School Check.

National target


Local Target

Milestones to be decided by Alliance

Data Sources

  • B4 School Check data set
  • Primary Health Organisation (PHO) Enrolment Register

Data extracted from data sources

B4 School Check

  • National Health Index (NHI) number
  • Date of birth
  • Check completed status (Yes or No)

PHO Enrolment Register - applicable at the end of the reporting period

  • Enrolment quarter
  • Lead DHB name
  • PHO ID (PerOrg)
  • PHO name
  • PHO practice
  • PHO practice ID
  • NHI
  • Date of birth
  • Ethnicity codes
  • Deprivation quintile

Data availability

This measure is reported twice a year (normally in March and September) on the Ministry of Health website: www.moh.govt.nz (Search: Well Child Tamariki Ora)

Measure calculation process

1. Extract the data according to the above specification for the reporting period.

2. Join the data sets by NHI to identify those enrolled children at the end of the reporting period whose ‘Check Completed’ status is ‘Yes’.

3. Identify for each child that was enrolled within the reporting period, which children turned four years of age.

4. Divide the enrolled children who have had a B4 School Check at four years of age by those enrolled children that were four years of age within the reporting period. (∑ step 2 / ∑ step 3).

5. Multiply by 100 to determine percentage.

Measure development notes

A B4 school check includes the following:

  • Child health questionnaire
  • Hearing and vision screening
  • Measurement of height and weight
  • Behavioural and developmental questings
  • Oral health screen
  • Health promotion and education
  • Referral(s) to appropriate health, education or social service where the B4 school check has identified the need for such services.

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