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GP practices using the National Enrolment Service

HQMNZ ID: HQM16.6.29.1022


Improved clinical outcomes for patients in primary and secondary care through improved patient safety and experience of care


General Practitioner (GP) practices live with the National Enrolment Service (NES)


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The NES has been developed to provide a single definitive source for all national enrolment and identity data. The benefits of NES are:

  • A centralised register with real time patient enrolment status enabling more timely payment calculation for enrolled patients
  • “Single source of truth” for enrolment data to ensure accuracy of Capitation Based Funding calculations
  • Validated National Health Index (NHI) numbers and up to date patient demographics, supporting accurate identification of patients and clinical safety
  • Validated addresses using e-SAM service, supporting accurate Geocoding and assignment of deprivation-based funding
  • Nightly register updates to NES
  • Amended enrolment business rules, due to real time enrolment and more timely funding of patients
  • Web services integration with PMS, creating a seamless experience for the user when interacting with the national service
  • Enabler for performance management purposes
  • No stand down period for patient enrolment, allowing patients to be funded from the day they are physically enrolled and entered into NES by the practice.
  • Population of the new patient preference fields made available as part of the NES rollout, enables practices to begin using the new Patient Experience Survey, which will be recognised as a source of evidence towards meeting Indicator 9 of the Foundation Standard and Aiming for Excellence: The practice includes patients’ input into service planning.
  • Enabler for System Level Measure “Patient Experience of Care”

Eligible population

GP practices

Measure status



Number of GP practices live with the NES


Number of GP practices

National target

Local target

Milestones to be decided by Alliance

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Total population

Data Sources

Available through Primary Health Organisation (PHO)

Data extracted from data sources

Available through PHO

Data availability

Available through PHO

Measure calculation process

Available through PHO

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Measure development notes

This is a new measure and will be refined over time. This measure can be applied at PHO or District Health Board (DHB) or Alliance level. For example:

  • Number of GP practices within the PHO that are live with the NES
  • Number of GP practices within the DHB that are live with the NES
  • Number of GP practices within the Alliance that are live with the NES

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