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Newborns enrolled in a Primary Health Organisation by three months

HQMNZ ID: HQM16.6.29.946


All children and their families and whānau achieve their health and wellbeing potential.


Newborns enrolled in a Primary Health Organisation (PHO) by three months


Contributory measure

Relationship(s) to other frameworks

This measure is drawn from the Well Child Tamariki Ora (WCTO) Quality Improvement Framework (Quality Indicator 1): Ministry of Health. 2015. Indicators for the Well Child/Tamariki Ora Quality Improvement Framework – March 2015. Wellington: Ministry of Health Framework available at: www.health.govt.nz


The early years of life set the foundation for lifelong health and wellbeing. The WCTO programme is a package of universal health services offered free to all New Zealand families/whānau for children from birth to 5 years. This measure is one of a number which reflect the core roles of WCTO in promoting and supporting physical health, mental well-being, health families and whānau, and healthy home environments.

WCTO supports New Zealand families/whānau to protect and improve their child’s health so they can grow and develop to their full potential. Monitoring health and well-being outcomes is important because it shows where services are working well (and with the wider health sector) to achieve the best outcomes for families and whānau.

Eligible population

Infants aged up to three months

Measure status



Number of infants under three months enrolled with a PHO


Number of births reported to the National Immunisation Register (NIR)

National target


Local target

Milestones to be decided by Alliance

Total population

Data Sources

  • PHO Enrolment Register
  • National Immunisation Register (NIR)

Data extracted from data sources


  • National Health Index (NHI) number
  • Date of birth

PHO Enrolment Register - applicable at the end of the reporting period

  • Enrolment quarter
  • Lead DHB name
  • PHO ID (PerOrg)
  • PHO name
  • PHO practice
  • PHO practice ID
  • NHI
  • Date of birth
  • Ethnicity codes
  • Deprivation quintile

Data availability

This measure is reported twice a year (normally in March and September) on the Ministry of Health website: www.moh.govt.nz (Search: Well Child Tamariki Ora)

Measure calculation process

1. Extract the data according to the above specification for the reporting period. 2. Join the data sets by NHI to identify those infants enrolled with a PHO at the end of the reporting period 3. Identify for each child that was enrolled within the reporting period, which infants were under three months of age 4. Divide the PHO enrolled infants that are under three months of age by those that are under three months of age within the reporting period as recorded on the NIR (∑ step 2 / ∑ step 3). 5. Multiply by 100 to determine percentage.

Relationship(s) to other measures

Measure development notes

Rates of greater than 10% for ethnic sub-groups is likely due to variation in ethnicity reporting in different systems.

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