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SLM Patient Experience of Care

HQMNZ ID: HQM16.6.29.918


Improved clinical outcomes for patients in primary and secondary care through improved patient safety and experience of care


This measure captures patient experience in two settings:

  • Hospital inpatient surveys (currently undertaken quarterly since 2014)
  • Primary care survey (introduced in a phased approach quarterly from Feb 2016)

Patient experience surveys provide scores for four domains which cover key aspects of a patient’s experience when interacting with health care services:

  • Communication
  • Partnership
  • Coordination
  • Physical and Emotional needs

The purpose of these measures is to ensure patients in New Zealand are receiving quality, effective and integrated health services. Evidence suggests that if patients experience good care, they are more engaged with the health system and therefore likely to have better health outcomes


System level measure

Relationship(s) to other frameworks

Health Quality and Safety Comission Adult Inpatient Experience measure


How people experience health care is a key element of system performance that can be influenced by all parts of the system and the people who provide the care. Improved patient experience of care will reflect better integration of heath care at the service level, better access to information and more timely access to care.

Eligible population

All people accessing health care

Measure status


Measure definition


Sum of weighted scores out of ten for each of the four domains


Number of responders within the quarterly survey period

National target

Not applicable

Local target

Milestones to be decided by Alliance.

Annual weighting

Total population

Data Sources

  • Hospital inpatient surveys (HQSC)
  • Primary care survey (HQSC)
  • Serious and Sentinel Event (SSE) report

Data availability

  • Data for hospital inpatient survey will be published by the HQSC quarterly and is available on the HQSC website
  • Data for primary care survey is available for those PHOs undertaking the survey through a HQSC dashboard

Data extracted from data sources

System level measures In hospital and primary care survey system level measures calculated from quarterly patient survey extracts. Scores out of ten based upon patient ratings have been available from the in-hospital patient experience survey since 2014. Data for primary care survey is available to those PHOs currently participating in the survey.

Contributory level measures Measures of access to and uptake of electronic access to clinical information (patient portals) and PHO national enrolment service (NES). Survey completion rate. In hospital and primary care individual question scores including Adverse Drug Events (ADE) admissions and diagnostics from quarterly patient survey extracts.

Quality and Safety Marker measures From Health Quality Safety Commission quarterly reporting

Adverse event reporting From the SSE report

Measure calculation process

Not applicable

Relationship(s) to other measures

Refer to Appendix 1 for list of contributory measures

Measure development notes

Hospital inpatient surveys (available since 2014) will be the initial source of patient experience information. Data captured from the primary care survey is available to those PHOs currently participating in the survey. The roll out of the primary care survey has been undertaken in interations with those PHOs who participated in the pilot in phase one and other PHOs participating during 2016/17 when they uptake the National Enrolment Service (NES).

Measure point of contact: Peter Jones

Template: System Level Measure Template